Friday, June 3, 2011

Big Day at BOTBM this Saturday!

Every Saturday morning at Bounty of the Barrens Farmers' Market is a special celebration of life in our community, but this one will be extra big! It is Highland Games weekend in Glasgow so there will be a lot of visitors in town for that. We expect a lot of them to spend some time in the welcoming shade of the Barren County Courthouse Lawn. At the same time, the Courthouse lawn is also right on the route of historic US 68 which is the site of the famous 400 Mile Sale. So, we expect a lot of folks to pull into the market and explore the items for sale under our festive white canopies!

Everyone who drops by will enjoy spending some time with the local folks of Barren County, the local food produced by our wonderful vendors from Barren and surrounding counties, and they will get to immerse themselves in the pure joy of local music, provided this week by Bob and Joanna Harvey. We look forward to seeing you among the group enjoying the shaded lawn and the wonderful food prepared by the restaurants around the Square between 8:00 and noon tomorrow!