Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Spirit of Christmas Past

The Christmases of my childhood took place around Glasgow's Square, where enchantment hung heavy in the air. The basement of Newberry's was somehow directly attached to Santa's workshop and the finest work of his Elves was there. Heck, even Santa himself was a resident of the front window of the National Store. These were the days of magic surrounding the holiday and that feeling came from local merchants weaving that fabric of excitement and commerce. We cannot transport you back to the Glasgow of the 1960's, but we can guarantee you some of that same spirit this Saturday morning at the Barren County Cooperative Extension Service offices on West Main Street.

This Saturday morning the second winter Bounty of the Barrens Market will take place from 8:00 am until noon at the Extension office at the old location of the Jackson House Restaurant. About sixteen local farmers, craftsmen, and artists will be there to talk with you about the items they have lovingly produced right here in Barren County. There will be no high stress parking lot experience. There will be no self check-out lines and there will be no bar-code scanners beeping and chirping. There will be local people brimming with the Christmas spirit and suggesting items that you can purchase for your loved ones which already have a lot of love built in. Mindy McCulley has plans to offer another relic of the past...a gift wrapping service right at the market!

We can't guarantee that you will get that old Toy Land feeling when you come out to the market on Saturday morning. But we can assure you that the true spirit of Christmas will be there. We hope you will be there too!