Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012 Bounty of the Barrens Farmers' Market - Your Chance to Sustain

Now is the time for all fans of Sustainable Glasgow, and/or Bounty of the Barrens Farmers' Market, to get involved. On April 28 the center of our community will once again come alive with truly local commerce and camaraderie. The act of reinvigorating our local economy and reinforcing our ability to feed ourselves is not a spectator sport, it requires your active participation. 

Many friends and colleagues have asked how they might help Sustainable Glasgow achieve its goals. Here is what we need. We need for you to show up on April 28 for the first day of Bounty of the Barrens Farmers' Market 2012. We need for you to talk some of your friends into showing up. You need to spread the word about the importance of getting healthier through eating locally. We need for you to help us walk our talk by voting with your fork and with your wallet. You can become a player in the movement that is bringing life back to our public square. You can be a soldier in our struggle to help those who want to create their own jobs and provide for our food security by farming the land that surrounds our home.

The Sustainable Glasgow team now begins its fourth year of experience at putting the market together. We have learned how to do this well, but putting the market together, giving local vendors a way to meet with local eaters, and giving local musicians a place to perform on crystal clear Saturday mornings, is not enough to allow us to declare victory. We only win when you and your friends become a part of the market by showing up and participating. 

This year you will be greatly rewarded by becoming a part of the market. New vendors will be appearing this year, local artists will be displaying painting, sculpture, and other objects. Produce so fresh that it still has dew on it will be available for consumption less than ten miles from where it was grown. Local restaurants around the square will be open to serve you hot coffee and breakfast as part of your market day experience. There will be no better way for you to enjoy your life in Glasgow than by becoming a part of our Saturday mornings on the square. 

Please help us keep this thing growing by bringing your friends. Introducing them to local food may well be the most thoughtful thing you can do for a friend! 

Visit the Bounty of the Barrens Farmers Market website for more information. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bounty of the Barrens Market 2012

It is just about that time again! The planning has been going on for months. Permissions have been sought and received. Vendors are gearing up for a bigger and better year. It looks like local food and crafts are going to be more available and even more important to our local economy in 2012 than ever before.

This Saturday will be the last "warm up" for the 2012 Bounty of the Barrens Market. Come to the Barren County Agricultural Extension Service office on West Main, just beyond the Dana Plant, on Saturday April 14 from 8:00 until noon, and you will get a chance to purchase early spring produce and talk with the BOTBFM vendors and the Sustainable Glasgow team about this year's version of the full market.

The BOTBFM will begin its 2012 run on the Glasgow Square on April 28, and will be there each Saturday thereafter through October. Josh Johnson will be managing the market and the music for us this year and we are all very excited about the reappearance of our established vendors and the appearance of some exciting new vendors to the BOTBFM family.

Hope to see you Saturday the 14th and each Saturday during the summer market run, commencing April 28 2012!