Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lambs to the Slaughter - The Atlantic (May 2009)

An interesting article in the Atlantic Monthly about the benefits of buying your meats from local/regional producers.

Lambs to the Slaughter - The Atlantic (May 2009)

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lauraharris said...

Don't forget Kentucky writer, Barbara Kingsolver's book, Animal,Vegetable,Miracle. It will remind you of your childhood in Kentucky. It was not that long ago (30-50 years)when our small communities were much more sustainable, without relying on mass produced,marketed,transported, and anti-bacterialized resources for food and daily living. We have turned a blind eye, or just didn't realize the damage we are doing to the health, behavior, economy, and environment of our children/future generations. We need to take time to remember the goodness and quality of the resources we shared, produced, and enjoyed in our youth. Thank you Sustainable Glasgow for helping us to remember! I want to join. Laura Harris