Wednesday, February 24, 2010

C'mon Barren County Dairy Farmers -- Copy This Idea!

Today's Courier-Journal has a great article linked here written by Marty Rosen about the Schrock family and their local dairy products to consumer operation in Logan County. As the article explains, these folks decided to dump the dairy model that is giving all of our local dairy farmers so much pain because of the low prices being paid by the wholesalers. They set up an operation to process raw milk into excellent finished products which they sell directly to the consumers at a few farmers markets and a few small grocery stores, thus, cutting out several middle men and hundreds of miles of transportation costs.

They also sell their milk in glass bottles that people return for reuse! I know Barren County is bound to be full of folks who could do the same thing. I know for sure that if they do, we would love to help them sell the products at Bounty of the Barrens Farmers Market! So, here is the link again, read the story and then find a local dairy farmer that we can convince to make this bold move. This is the sort of localism and commitment to locally produced goods that Sustainable Glasgow is striving to promote. Can we make this happen?


Daddeo said...

I would absolutely love to have delivered milk again! When I lived in Colorado, I would receive delivered milk from Longmont Dairy Farm. You would leave a small cooler on your porch where you would place your empty milk bottles back for recycling. I left a blanket beside the cooler and they would wrap the cooler after the delivered the milk. There was a minimum of 3 bottles a week for the delivery. I bought 1/2 gal size but there were quart sizes also. The milk came from cows that receive the best care and quality feed, with no supplemental rBST growth hormones!!! I think this would be a healthy, delicious, and ecological choice for residents of Barren County.

Billy Ray said...

I think we would all love that. Even if it were not delivered, if we could just see it brought to the Bounty of the Barrens Market so we could purchase it on Saturday mornings, most would be thrilled. Cold local white and chocolate milk, produced by well tended and non-drugged cows right here within 20 miles of our sounds like heaven to us.

There is hope for this. Right now a local business already in the milk handling business is seriously considering moving into the local fluid milk business. We need to all be prepared to support them as they move toward this bold concept.