Friday, August 13, 2010

August 14 BOTBM - Special Features

It is Friday and time once again to think about things we can do in, and for, our community over the weekend. First, as you already know, there is Jammin' at George J's tonight and we can't wait to be there!

Tomorrow's Bounty of the Barrens Market will also be a lot of fun. One special feature will be local milk (well, actually not Barren County local, but a lot more local that what we have to choose from in our grocery stores!), from JD Farms in Logan County. This dairy farmer is producing hormone free milk that is pasteurized at low temperatures and then cooled very quickly to preserve the natural flavor and beneficial enzymes of milk produced by healthy, grass-fed cows. The folks at the Epicure's Garden/Kenny's Cheese tent will have a limited supply of chocolate, skim, 2%, and whole milk from JD Farms as well as cream, buttermilk and peach and raspberry drinkable yogurt. Orders will be taken this Saturday for delivery the following week.

Now, this does slightly violate our "producer only" philosophy at BOTBM, but we think this special exception is worthwhile to help our local dairy farmers see what demand is out there for local, hormone free milk. We think it will be big and we hope to be a part of convincing local dairy farmers to mimic this model. Right now, the milk we get from local groceries has traveled at least 200 miles before reaching us. Some would say that there is a bigger diesel fuel component to this milk than the milk part of it! We simply say that we are surrounded by beautiful dairy farms operated by our friends and neighbors. We want them to make more money by selling high quality products directly to the folks who want those products. Come by this Saturday and see what this idea is all about.

In the food tent we will be doing sausage and biscuits and Gabe will be doing some French Toast. The musical artists are Bob and Joanna Harvey, and all of the vendors you have come to love will be there with their own products. We hope to see you all there!

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