Thursday, September 4, 2008

Some follow up information...

Some of the things we talked about last night are further explained here. Joe was talking about websites that already exist and I have created links to them here. First this link takes you to a site which has already been created with our tax dollars. If you will go there and poke around a bit, you will see that Joe's operation, Trigg Enterprises, is listed as one of only four vegetable producers in Barren County. If you examine this site a bit more, you will find that it is powerful, a bit difficult to use, and practically devoid of the sort of information for Barren County that we talked about. Still, as Joe said, it might not make a lot of sense to pay again to rebuild this sort of site. Maybe we need to focus on getting it populated with information.

Another site Joe talked about is at this link. Again, it is certain that we already helped pay for this one, but, really, take a look at it. Exactly what good is it? Maybe I just haven't looked long and hard enough, but it only lists Cave City Farmers Market as the only one available in our area and, another site that it links to lists Dennisons as the only certified roadside market in the area. I wonder if we would do any good lobbying these folks to add more information to their site or if we would not be better off just ignoring this one and working on our own and/or modification of the first site linked above to make progress toward our goal of a Barren County specific directory of producers.

Finally, this link takes you to the web site I was talking about that would be something like I envision us developing for our mission.

Just some food for thought. No pun intended.


Rhonda Trautman said...

If we could just get a very basic website started, would there be a way to post the link to allow locals to add info. join the forum, blog? Or would we have to have that sent to us and someone handle posting all that info? Just thinking...I think if we could link a website at the EBP Business/Community Forum, we would get a lot of people possibly signing up. Maybe just to start to develop the network and "interested parties"

Billy Ray said...

Rhonda, all of that would be really easy. But one thing that these web sites have already established is that the producers are not good at finding these sites and sending in their information. In the words of our wonderful VP, it is clear that we will need to have someone to establish "boots on the ground" to go out and harvest this information if it is going to be better than the sites I linked us to already.

Kimberly sent me some information about vendors she already knows about and I will post that here as well to give us a feel of how many are already known.