Monday, October 13, 2008

Next Meeting

At the last meeting we decided to meet on fourth Thursdays, so for October that would result in a meeting on the 23rd. However, I will be out of town that night. You guys could either meet without me, or we could meet a day early on the 22nd or a week late on the 30th. What do you think?

Let's also kick around some agenda items. Now that the blog is open and the email list is considerably expanded, we might have several new faces at the monthly meeting. I certainly hope so. In fact, a noble goal would be for each of you to not only come, but to bring one more interested person. Certainly, even if you don't bring a new person to the meeting, we need the email addresses of additional folks who want to become a part of this initiative. Let me know who they are!

My early thoughts on an agenda look like this:

1. Review the mission of Sustainable Glasgow for new attendees
2. Report on organizational status (John Rogers, I hope you can attend and handle this for us)
3. Report on population of listserv
4. Report of discussions with Mayor, Judge-Executive, and South Central Bank
5. Report on Closing the Food Gap Regional Conference in Lexington
6. Consider Sustainable Glasgow's goals and objectives compared to the calendar of annual events for local governments and the agricultural food year.

Looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions!

UPDATE: We really need for someone to attend this: Growing Local Economies Partnership

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