Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Okay, this is not just a theory...

Today's New York Times has an article, linked here, about Hardwick, VT, that, if we work together with determination, could be written about Glasgow, KY in a couple of years. You have got to read this! Everything we have talked about has already been done in Hardwick and it works!

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wtravis said...

Excellent article.
The ability to reliably feed your family and community are real issues now with the economic turmoil and uncertainty. There is great security in self sustenance.
Just another factor in addition to the advantages of food quality, safety, and the local dollar multipliers from local/area production that we have discussed.

The idea of a community supported restaurant (a type of co-op?) is a new and interesting one to me.
Why didn't we think of that?
An excellent way to advocate and demonstrate the superior quality and satisfactions of foods locally produced.

Thanks for your work in creating and advocating this site.