Monday, December 1, 2008

"Losing Local" is a national issue

This is a great community website that discusses a little bit of everything. During the election I spent a lot of time on here.

There is a great diary discussing many of the issues we have been considering. I encourage everyone to read through the comments. Lots of interesting links and ideas.

People all across the US are concerned about losing their local businesses, local interest and local thinking....


Billy Ray said...

Excellent link! The story is right on point for what we are all about. I guess we have all experienced what she talks about right here when our Winn Dixie closed, and it could easily happen again as the behemoths of Wal Mart and Houchens struggle to dominate us all.

Rizaus said...

Wal-mart is also known to encourage employees to apply for welfare. This is a nice little video about it The High Cost of Low Prices.

Can't kick out Wal-mart though hurts bad when community's block it. Best thing to do is organize and offer things Wal-mart can't offer. Better customer service, better health care local commodities. Co-ops are a great step in that direction. That's why I'm glad to see this movement a place to find local or at least as local as possible.

bill travis said...

The real costs of cheap products in big box stores are hidden from the public. Not only is the cost to the environment and, ultimately, to all of us to clean it up - it is a loss of local proprietorship, local recirculation of dollars, local jobs with dignity and a living wage.
Things are so far gone in this respect that one wonders if there is any salvation from this trend of sucking money out of our communities. Our only hope in reversing this malignant situation is to educate the public of these costs to their lives. Then, we all have our decisions to make. Ultimately, we will cast our votes with our dollars.