Friday, December 26, 2008

Obama and the Hope For Better Food Policy

Thanks to John Rogers for a lot of things relative to the organization of Sustainable Glasgow, but most recently we owe him thanks for sending us this article from the New York Times. I have to admit that I too was very disappointed with Barrack Obama's choice of Tom Vilsack at Secretary of Agriculture. As the article points out, he is not the worst possible choice, but he is far from the best. Overall, it seems clear that the Obama administration has so many problems in its plate as they take office, that reworking our farm policy and food policies will not be any where near the top of the agenda.

All the more reason for us to get to work trying to solve the problem locally, and that is what Sustainable Glasgow will be doing in 2009. We have an ambitious agenda, but one that is doable with the dedication of our team and the cooperation of local government. Stay tuned to this very spot for updates on that agenda coming very soon!

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