Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Earl Blumenauer, Our Kind of Guy

It amazes me, now that Sustainable Glasgow is getting on its feet, to find that there have been so many folks thinking the way we are thinking now, for such a long time before we came to our present understanding. Meanwhile, the most common question I am asked about Sustainable Glasgow is, "Just what is it that you all are about?"

It sort of disproves the theory that today's media-centric world, where robust internet connectivity and 24/7 news on television drives us toward a common consciousness, when one of us bumps our head, we all feel the pain. While it seems that should be the case, it certainly is not.

Until I read this morning's New York Times I had never heard of Earl Blumenauer, but this link takes you to an article that makes it clear that he was all about Sustainable Glasgow (well, actually Sustainable Portland) before we even thought about it. Let's then add this to our list of goals, to find some Earl Blumenauer's to sit in our seats of elected office representing us locally, in Kentucky, and in Congress.

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