Friday, January 16, 2009

Exciting Opportunities for SG Members!

The governing board of Sustainable Glasgow met on Thursday, January 15, 2009 to discuss a few of the projects that SG is planning to take on in the coming months. One of these is the implementation of a local "Bounty of the Barrens" market in Glasgow/Barren County. At our next community meeting on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 21 at 12PM we will report on our progress in getting this started for the upcoming growing (and producing) season. Your help as producers, customers, advertisers, merchants, and manpower is needed and we will discuss how you can get involved in this project.

Another project addressed at the meeting was the “Garden Plot Project.” SG hopes to partner with the city to provide small garden plots to area citizens so that everyone has the opportunity to grow fresh produce. We will be discussing this in detail at the meeting and would greatly appreciate your involvement with this project as well.

As our membership continues to grow we thought it would be beneficial to hear more about the founding principles of SG and what the group can do for Glasgow/Barren County. Rhonda Trautman will be making a presentation doing just that at the upcoming meeting. Please bring all of your ideas and concerns- we would love to hear them!

Also, in order to begin an organized database of all of our members we will have membership applications available at the meeting. If you have already received the application via e-mail, please bring the completed application along with $25 to the meeting. If you are a producer, we will have forms for you to fill out to begin a database of local producers.

Look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 12pm at 108 E Public Square, Glasgow (below Alexander Law)!

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