Tuesday, April 21, 2009

John's Custom Meats Sends Us Great Idea!

Sustainable Glasgow is designed to reinforce Glasgow's economy and promote the construction of infrastructure which is essential for making our community self sufficient. The folks with the 3/50 project feel exactly the same way. Amy Sipes with John's Custom Meats sent us this link and information about this initiative. We highly recommend that you visit their site at this link and sign up as a supporter.

It is a simple idea. Do you know of three local businesses that you cherish and would miss if they were gone? If so, then make a commitment to spend at least $50 per month at those businesses. You cannot lose in this mission. You will help guarantee the survival of your favorite places AND you will receive goods and services from a business that also does business with your business!

This is at the very heart of localism.

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