Monday, April 6, 2009

South Central Business Journal

I recommend that everyone pick up a copy of the most recent South Central Business Journal, published by Jobe Publishing. Jeff Jobe wrote a really nice article about development of the LOCAL economy, especially with any stimulus dollars that might come to our area. He emphasizes infusion of that capital into LOCALLY OWNED sustainable businesses that, through the local dollar multiplier effect, can cause a stimulative ripple effect through our economy and lead us to greater self-reliance and prosperity.

Also, Jerry Ralston wrote a nice article in the same journal edition about the initiative to bring fresh local foods into the Barren County School system's food service.

I much appreciate the support shown by Jeff Jobe and his publications for the local economies of Glasgow, Barren County and this region we call "The Barrens" and for their support of Sustainable Glasgow.

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Rhonda Trautman said...

I have already read both and they are very good. Thanks to both and especially Jeff for helping spread the word about this important concept...