Tuesday, February 3, 2009

HB 153

Below is a copy of the letter that I sent Representative Johnny Bell and Senator David Givens today regarding HB 153.  HB 153 seeks to create a state milk commission within the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.  This commission would be very beneficial to our local milk producers.  Please take the time to write (or e-mail via www.lrc.state.ky.us) Representative Bell and Senator Givens to show your support for HB 153 and to thank them for sponsoring this important legislation.  

On behalf of Sustainable Glasgow I would like to express our support for HB 153, which calls for the creation of a state milk commission within the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. 

This legislation is right on track with the goals that we are trying to accomplish in the Glasgow/Barren County area.  Regional milk production is one of the core principles that Sustainable Glasgow was founded upon and we will do all that is possible to support local producers.  In the wake of the recent peanut butter recalls, it is more and more evident that something similar could occur to our milk supply.  By producing milk regionally it will be easier to track the path of the milk we consume and ensure that suppliers are complying with health and safety standards. 

We believe that a state milk commission as proposed in HB 153 would be a positive force to aid local producers in producing milk for local markets.  Providing Kentucky milk to Kentucky residents will enable local dollars to remain in the state, resulting in a multiplier effect that will undoubtedly boost our troubled economy. 

Thank you for recognizing the need for a state dairy commission and your dedication to making it reality.



Lauren B. Ray

Sustainable Glasgow, Inc.





Rita Riherd said...


Thanks for bringing attention to this very important issue. Even though I follow the news, I was unaware of this potential benefit for our milk producers and our local citizens.

I will contact Rep. Bell and speak to as many folks as I can over the next few days, hopefully by working together, we can catch that all important momentum train !

I plan to join Sustainable Glasgow this week, and for those of us one step slow, maybe re-post the membership information.

Thanks for all that you're doing, the community will win every time. Rita Riherd

laurenblairray said...


Thank you for leaving your comments and offering to spread the word! If you will e-mail me at localfirst@glasgow-ky.com I can get you the membership info.

Lauren Ray