Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On a Lighter Note (no pun intended)

I have been very interested, as part of SG's localism mission, in providing a stage and audience for local and area musicians. We have numerous talented people here but no "music scene."

One of my favorite music-related programs on TV is KET's WoodSongs. It originates from the Kentucky Theater in Lexington and is broadcast also on radio around the world. The host, Michael Jonathan, brings in a wide variety of musical talents, most of the roots variety, who sing and play acoustic instruments. They have bluegrass, folk, blues, rock, country,and some that do not easily fit into a category.

On the last episode, Jonathan described a program they sponsor called WoodSongs Coffeehouse. This is a community-based local program that spins off the national program. Sponsors are allowed to use the WoodSongs logo and name and get recognition on the program and website. It can be a once a month gathering/performance or more frequent if desired.

I think that starting a WoodSongs Coffeehouse in Glasgow would be a great way to introduce this idea and test the waters for this type of entertainment. One need only have an existing facility (restaurant,cafe, building,theater) to host this. It need not be large - seat at least 50 people but they recommend it not be TOO large. A PA system is needed, but could be rented if necessary. A small cover fee can be charged, but some are happy with just proceeds from concessions. I can think of some locations here that would be great as venues.

At SG, we first and foremost wish to enhance local commerce; but we also want to enhance otherwise the quality of life in our community. The support of local entertainment is a project in that respect.
I will include a link to the Woodsongs Coffeehouse website below. Check it out. Watch the program on KET or watch some archived programs on their website.
If anybody is interested in pursuing this project or knows somebody who would, please let me know.

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Rhonda Trautman said...

On a similar topic, I hope everyone supports Far Off Broadway Players this weekend with their presentation of Steel Magnolias.

We have superb talent in Glasgow and this is just one example of local entertainment and the value it brings to our community.