Thursday, February 19, 2009


The foundation of Sustainable Glasgow’s goals and objectives can be summed up in two words: LIVE LOCAL.  Living local is a concept that has been whisked into the national spotlight as a result of our current economic situation and the realization that our national economy is not as sustainable as most of us would like to believe.  As large corporations go under, towns and cities across America are affected when they pull out of town taking their jobs with them.  As the cost of fueling our habits of seeking our entertainment and lifestyle across a large geographic area spirals upward, we need to rediscover the simple pleasures of this place we call home.

All of this makes us see that, if we merely supported the small, local mom and pop shops instead of Mega-Mart, we wouldn’t have to worry about what kind of corruption may be happening at corporate headquarters a thousand miles away. And just imagine the possibilities if we spent the amount of time and money usually spent on travelling to Nashville to a concert or to Bowling Green for dinner on making our own backyards more enjoyable.  Living local is power.

Living local means knowing that the bacon you have on your breakfast table was not transported hundreds of miles, multiplying the risk of contamination all along the way.  In fact, local operations can easily track that product back to the very animal it came from.  This knowledge would be nice to have when the national media starts warning of contaminated meat products or, for that matter, peanut butter, tomatoes, lettuce…living local is peace of mind.

Another element of living local is the feeling you have from knowing the person who produces and/or sells a certain product.  Whether you are buying from your neighbor the pharmacist or your neighbor the farmer, there is something to be said for that and the trust we put in each other.  Not only does it give you a peace of mind, but also forms a sense of camaraderie between producer and consumer that cannot be replicated by a big box retailer.  Granted, there is a cost for everything.

Buying locally may not always be the most convenient way to do your shopping but, in the future, it pays off in ways that will keep Glasgow a strong, unique community.  In these hard economic times, people are beginning to realize the need for a strong local economy, a job, and a livable community.  Living local addresses all of these issues and Sustainable Glasgow is here to advance these goals.  I hope that you will join us, both in the group and in the community by LIVING LOCAL and becoming what we call a Locavore.

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