Sunday, November 9, 2008

And Something to Twitter About...

The post just submitted should have included some more information. If you look at our website, you will see something new on the left side. I added a Twitter update gadget. I have been studying Twitter for a couple of months and trying to understand it. If you click on the "Follow Billy Ray on Twitter" link on the page and if you follow through the simple sign up process for Twitter, you will get automatic updates from me. Of course, you can also see these updates on our Sustainable Glasgow site without even signing up.

Twitter allows one to give 140 character answers to the eternal question, "What are you doing?" and have those updates automatically distributed to others via websites, blogs, and even cell phones. This might be worth something or nothing, it is just something I am playing with and I will try to submit some regular little updates over and above these full blown posts to the blog. Of course, I will strive to make those posts somehow relevant to our objective of promoting localism and the reinforcement of Glasgow's local economy.

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