Saturday, November 15, 2008

Green Market Expo

If you were not there today, you missed a great opportunity to meet and greet fellow locavores and hear our own William J Travis, MD, explain how what we eat, and what the things we eat, eat in turn, affects our lives and our communities. Luckily, someone videotaped the talk and I am working to get a copy of that tape so we can play it on cable television in Glasgow. If we can track it down you simply must make time to watch his talk as it really forms the foundation reasoning behind our efforts and dreams for Sustainable Glasgow.

For me, one of the most exciting things about the Expo was the discovery of other "locavores" in the community or in surrounding counties, that already truly believe in the things we believe in. One dazzling example is the folks at Country Girl at Heart Farm Bed and Breakfast. I didn't get the whole story about the operation and the website (linked above) is still under construction, but it appears to be a family operation built upon the lifelong dream of an amazing woman to run a bed and breakfast that also immerses guests in the experience of working and living on a family farm. This is under construction just up the road in Munfordville and seems like one of the most brilliant ideas I have seen or heard of. It is simply amazing to see how localism can create its own momentum toward growth and employment while we still spend so much money trying to beg businesses to come here, often without anything to show for the money and efforts.

I can't wait to head up US 31W to Munfordville and see this operation. More than seeing it, I can't wait to spend my first night there and eat a big old country breakfast produced within sight of the table that breakfast is served upon. Congratulations Country Girl at Heart Farm!

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