Monday, November 24, 2008

Logo Choices

The logos above were crafted by a very talented local, David Downing. Let's use this post and the comments area below it to carry on some discussion about the choices, all of which look great to me. What do you think?


Billy Ray said...

I am not married to the tag line, though I do find it catchy. Maybe, as Rhonda has suggested, it is too restrictive and makes us only about food. I certainly do not want to do that. Am also curious about how it would look with the little recycling arrows symbol under the little roof instead of the little leaf symbol.

bill travis said...

I agree with Rhonda that we must be careful to not narrow our image and appeal.
I think that Billy's idea of the roof with the recycling arrows would be interesting to see.
Let's think about the tag line. I believe that one is catchy,but not broad enough. However,we could use that phrase specifically for our food initiatives.

Rhonda Trautman said...

I think we need to convey a broad view of sustainability with our logo...The "homegrown" slant is good because it relates to food, energy, etc. As Billy said, maybe the tag line is not necessary. I also agree with Bill that it would be a good one if used for our "food initative".

I think many of these are good and with some additional input, I think we will get it.

I believe also, we need something that transfers easily to bumperstickers, window decals, etc. I have worked with many organizations in the past who have had terrible logos that convey nothing about what they do.

Dan Iacconi said...

I agree with Rhonda that we must not narrow the scope of our activities. I strongly believe we need a logo that identifies our mission. Maybe, as many of you have suggested, it is too narrow and relates only to the food sector. I believe we need a much broader perspective, to capture our uniqueness.

Dan Iacconi said...

I have clearly had a paradigm shift today. The basic principles of sustainability and localism encompass everything in our daily lives. Therefore; it would difficult to capture all aspects of sustainability in a single logo that would be legible and practical for all marketing strategies associated with shirts, buttons, caps, bumper stickers etc. After analyzing other logos today, I realize that the logo signifies a concept. The marketing strategy supporting that logo is absolutely critical to convey the message and then our logo will be recognized and understood throughout the community. I believe the simple approach with a logo and a robust marketing strategy would generate a positive result.

bill travis said...

I think that Dan is right on target.
The logo need not be exactly the same for every use. I think that if we always use the same font and color scheme, that will be enough consistency. In fact, with that approach, all the logos presented are then valid and one has the flexibility to improvise on a consistent theme.
I hope that other readers don't think that we are obsessing about something insignificant. I do believe that this is important.
Thanks, Dan, for an excellent idea.

Sarah Shirley said...

My family took a vote and we like the logo in the top left but with the recycle symbol under the roof. The tag line and the plant growing out of the dirt are also very cute. With the font being used I think that the logo could be altered for different areas of interest while still being identifiable.

bill travis said...

One other thing. It may be wise, as has been suggested, that we not use a tag line but put our future web address below the logo, at least in applications large enough for that sort of thing.

Rizaus said...

Hello I stumbled upon this page from Twitter. I find the two on the top left most appealing. Haven't seen to many localvores around Glasgow. Glad to see this group exists I'll keep an eye on it.

John's Custom Meats said...

I realize that this is really none of my business, but I do have some recommendations if wanted. I am with John's Custom Meats. One of my new customers had mentioned they found us on this site. This was the first I had heard of this organization. I'm a thrilled to see you. We are appreciative of the link to our website. We seem to have similar goals in mind. So kuddos to you and your efforts.

Now, as for my suggestions on the logo.

1.) I would recommend a tree form, something organic (or abstract) in nature. I tend to use this type when needing to show the sustainability of our business in the agriculture world. The budding tree represents all things new and renewable and not just food.

2.)As for the tagline, I would leave it...but alter it some.

Perhaps "Fueling" rather than feeding would be a better fit. Barren County has great bounty in all aspects and that particular word doesn't single you to a food source. It shows your organization as the fire behind the push to localism.

Other alternatives that I feel would work for your ideas are:


All show (in one form or another) your role in localism.

3.) Lastly, I'm not sure if this is your legal name already or not...but...Sustainable "Glasgow" tends to leave the county citizens in the out. Your organization needs the county if it is to succeed, as the county is where the bounty is.

Just a a county citizen ourselves, we know how easy it is for the cities to "overlook" the bounties that we have to offer.

Just a little of my two cents worth.

If you have a mailing list, we would like to be added. I am eager to see your efforts bloom. Let me know if we can help in anyway.

Thank you,
John's Custom Meats, LLC.
Warren/Barren County Line
Keeping it Local is our Ultimate Goal...Supporting Small Farming Families is our Business!
Buy Local...Its' a thousand miles fresher!

Rhonda Trautman said...

I like the roof with something else under it - I'm not sure what that is under it now but it doesn't grab me. Maybe a leaf would better convey our mission. Also I like the "fueling" or "cultivating" for the tag line in place of "feeding". Great suggestions Amy...Also welcome to our group..


Billy Ray said...

It certainly seems that we need to deal with the "Sustainable Glasgow" vs. "Sustainable Glasgow/Barren County" issue at the next meeting as well. It has come up here and also in a few emails sent directly to me instead of to this blog. I have to say that I like the simple name we have already chosen because it is simple and lends itself well to logos and such. Perhaps returning to the tag line and altering it a bit to recognize that it IS Barren County's bounty that we hope to use to sustain us, is reason enough to leave it on most versions of the logo. I know we do not want to alienate or leave anyone out here. We do want a name and logo that attracts folks to the cause...a sustainable economy for all of us. Looks like the December meeting is shaping up to be great!